I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and grew up body surfing on the beaches, skiing the local mountains and hiking the back country of Yosemite National Park.  I was most interested in anything outdoors, art and science.

Majoring in Kinesiology at the University of California, I met some Christians and was surprised to learn of the great love God has for me.  Because of this love, I decided to trust my entire life to Jesus Christ.  I studied the Bible to learn more about God.  I found knowing God to be so freeing and exciting that I wanted others to know the love I had found.  So, I joined the staff of Cru and worked on college campuses in Texas and Southern California. 

In 1979 I married my husband, Vance, who also works with Cru.  We desired to go somewhere where people had less opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ.  We spent ten years in Egypt where our three children were born.  Then, we spent four years in Moscow, Russia and saw the fall of Communism.  We also spent some time in other countries including the Philippines, Japan and England.

In 1996, we moved to San Clemente, California to work with the Jesus Film Project.  Currently we help distribute this film which was originally released by Warner Brothers, has been translated into over one thousand languages and seen by over six billion viewers.

I have been painting for the past six years.  I started with watercolor, then tried pastel and finally oils.  I'm astounded by the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the bluffs along the coast.  Painting outdoors is my favorite way to paint as I try to capture a little of this incredible beauty.  Painting, like music, can be a form of worship for the Master Painter whose works I see in the ever changing sea and sky.